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Nate has been my trainer for the last 10 months and it shows. Since I started working out with Nate, I have felt better about my fitness and health, in general. Nate was able to calibrate well with my skill. I started out at the beginner level but Nate kept raising the bar at a manageable rate which allowed me to get the most out of my workouts. My favorite part is that in between my sets, I can have a fun conversation with him without feeling like I am in a very serious environment. Working out with Nate has been a great experience for me and I am looking forward to the next few months.

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I was working out on my own but had stopped making progress, when I saw an awesome deal, with nothing to lose I signed up. I had no idea how much healthier I would feel working with a trainer.

My trainer Nate is easy going, enthusiastic and serious about improving my health. Nate has been working with me for the last 7 months. In that amount of time he's helped me to gain strength, muscle tone and endurance. He's also motivated me to workout more on my own.

I often have low grade chronic back pain due to my line of work. Two months into training I had a significant flare up after several tough work weeks. Per my doctor's request I took a short break from training.  Once I returned to training, Nate immediately altered my workouts so as not to exacerbate my injury. Every time I see him he checks in with me to see how my back is feeling that day and has included specific lower back strengthening exercise in our sessions.

I feel lucky to be training with Nate and would do it all over again!



My personal trainer Nate makes me believe that I can get fit and stronger without being exhausted. I don't feel back pain anymore and my waist size is getting smaller and smaller 😀
If you are tired of looking for the right personal training, you should definitely give it a shot here.



I started training with Nate after I found a groupon deal.I wanted to tone my body and thought this was a great opportunity to start. I was also under assumption that I was fit but when I joined I soon knew I was wrong.I basically joined only to reduce the love handles.Now after almost 2 months when I see myself slimmer than ever and in shape.
I could not have achieved this without Nate's help.
Working with Nate brought me to a whole new level of fitness.He guided me with the nutrition and also for workout that I did at home.He always pushed me to my max.What more could you ask for in a training experience?
I feel like the sessions are great investment for myself, while in the short term Nate has helped me become more fit and healthy. In the long term I feel like I have the right foundation on which I can start to build on.
This is a great place to start your training to improve your fitness, I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in workout and dying to have a good shape.



Nate is a great trainer! I've been training with him for several months. Nate is very professional, friendly and caring. He always insists on proper forms and is very good at pushing my limits. The results are pretty good so far. My strength improves significantly and even though my weight stays the same, I notice that my waist is getting smaller. I highly recommend him to anyone who's looking for a personal trainer!

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Nate is a great trainer. He's encouraging and gets you motivated to make the most of your workout.

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I started training with Nate over 6 months ago, and my understanding of weight lifting was minimal as I hadn't really done it since high school. He got me right into lifting while focusing on form and my results so far have been fantastic. I have zero back pain now, and I'm way stronger than I've ever been in my life.

Nate has been incredibly patient answering the roughly 1,000 questions I ask per session, and has really taught me a ton about proper form and my diet. He's incredibly knowledgeable, and a fun dude to work out with. I look forward to the progress I'll make in the next 6 months, and the positive lifestyle changes I've made for years to come. You owe it to yourself to go with Nate as your personal trainer and see some real results!



I joined in July 2015. I have been working out with Nate. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to get fit the right way. The team puts a lot of thought in their workouts. The workouts are intense but the results are phenomenal. I may have lost only a few pounds on the scale but my body has changed dramatically.
I have trained with personal trainers earlier but Nate has been exceptional. My workouts are well structured and crafted to how I feel on a particular day. Nate and I have worked around my weak back, knee, wrist and I feel stronger than ever before.
No matter what your fitness goals are they can help achieve it.



I joined Nate, with a primarily goal of strengthening my knees, which were showing signs of fatigue after years of abuse while running and climbing. Nate analyzed my problem and set me up on a strengthening routine. I started seeing results fairly quickly and I am looking forward to regaining my old knee strength; in fact, I have already signed up for a race in October. I train with Nate, and he is an amazing coach. He relentlessly works with me to get the form right, and keeps on trying various tricks until I do. He keeps the routines challenging, as well as fun, which takes the sting out of hitting the gym on a regular basis. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains the science behind all the moves to help me understand how a particular routine would help me move towards my fitness goals. I always train with Nate, but have also done a couple sessions with other trainers as well, and they are all knowledgeable and fun.


I trained with Nate for six months before my wedding.  The reason I started weight training with Nate is because of a groupon for six sessions, but once those six sessions were over, I was hooked and knew that my time with Nate would be a worthwhile investment for my wedding and looking the best that I could.

Nate did a great job of tracking my progress each week and incrementally increasing the weight so that I developed toned muscles and never bulked up.  I also appreciated that he helped me with my form and reps as I had never done any formal weight training before our sessions.  He varied my workouts every week so I never got bored and was always excited for our sessions.  My now-husband was pretty convinced that my butt was getting more shapely each week from all of the squat exercises - and I only went once a week!  I probably could have done even more if I would have listened to Nate's advice on diet and snacks, but wedding stress won on that front.

I would still be training with Nate if I hadn't moved away from Seattle.  Thanks, Nate, for helping me get in shape for my wedding and beyond!


I am so grateful to have been trained by Nate. He is unique in his approach and has a lot of integrity. He encouraged me to learn about weight training outside of our sessions so that I could continue my progress independently. I have him to thank for my current fitness regime, because I know how to lift weights and am one of the few women doing weighted squats and dead lifts at my gym.  If it weren't for him, I'd still be walking on the treadmill watching cable at the gym instead of building strength. Of course if I could afford it, I'd continue going to him because I made quicker progress and he pushed me harder than I push myself. He's very thoughtful about how he trains. His approach is grounded in research. Also, he's easy going and comfortable to be around. He's not a showy "bro" trying to be cool. It's exciting to have experienced such a fundamental change in how I exercise. I'm not bigger, either, just stronger with better posture and no back pain. Thank you, Nate!


Nate's personal training with me over the past 6 months has definitely been what I needed to repair my badly torn knee ligament. He is persistent in pushing me beyond what even I think I can manage. I definitely have greater endurance and strength just doing everyday activities as a result. As an older neophyte to the world of personal training, I really appreciated Nate's gentle encouragement and patience with me. I recommend him because I have seen results!


I worked out with Nate four months. I had concerns about injuries caused by heavy lifting, and he taught me the right pose for squat, deadlift, bench press, and shoulder press. Before meeting him, my max. weight for heavy lifting has been plateaued for a couple of months. However, since working out with him, I could be able to lift more. For example, my max. squat increased from 185lbs to 220lbs; since I am confident that I won't be hurt, I could be able to try harder and harder.


I have been working with Nate since Sep, 2015 twice a week and I am really satisfied with his ability to guide me in lifting weights the right way which I have been trying to do multiple times in the past. His technique is his strength and he corrects me whenever I do it wrong. After chalking out my goals, we focused primarily on doing Squats, Bench, Deadlift. I have seen dramatic improvement in my physique, gaining muscles and losing fat. I highly recommend to train from Nate.


I used to work out on my own for a few months and was confused with what workout routine to follow to get best results. I kept trying out a variety of things but was never able to see any results. i reached out to Nate via the Groupon deal and had 4 great sessions with him.

I realized i was not doing the right things to be able to meet my fitness goals. Nate guided me really well, monitored my progress in each session and showed me how i got better every time. He also motivated me on how to do more.

Following the instructions and routine from Nate, i now feel great each time i come out of from the gym.


I’ve trained with Nate for over a year and look forward to every session. He is kind, knowledgeable, a good listener, and great to work with. As we work on exercises and lifts consistently over time, he is very good at giving me new insights and things to think about regarding my approach and technique – this really helps me keep progressing.


Nate is extremely knowledgeable about a variety of ways to work with fitness and nutrition. He is a good listener and is constantly researching new information about how to adjust both diet and training to be more effective and is always excited to talk about new findings. His training sessions are pretty intensive but I find myself looking forward to the next session. I highly recommend Nate, he does his part perfectly. I'm very happy how I look now; I started to see results from two months of training. Since then have become leaner, stronger, and more physically fit.


Nate really understands the fundamentals of strength training, and I learnt how to improve my technique in just a handful of sessions. With his guidance, I could lift more and improve my strength. And he's meticulous with his notes and keeps the workouts enjoyable with his humor and love of tacos.


I started working with Nate about 4 months ago. Nate works with me weekly and is very supportive and helps me improve my weight training each week. Nate is very patient during my work outs and knows when to motivate me to push forward my weights. In my time training with Nate, I have lost a pants size but not as much weight as I'd hoped. However, I have gained muscle and strength. When I first started I was really out of shape and had trouble with the weights we were doing. However, now I can squat 185 pounds which is more than half my body weight. I would have never thought I would be lifting this much and it wouldn't have happened without the Nate encouraging me the whole way. In responds to my training, I feel stronger and more balance. I'm able to walk a full length of stairs without getting short of breath and I have more energy. I have seen my progress in a different way. I would encourage anyone to receive training from Nate.


Five months ago I began working out under the direction of Nate.  I was very weak and out of shape.  Nate carefully trained me and now, just five months later I feel stronger than I have felt in my entire life.  Each week I am lifting more.  I feel more energy through the day.  I could not be happier.


Nate is a fantastic trainer. I was really nervous since I had not done a lot of strength training before, but he made it a great experience.  He has a great balance of meeting you where you are, and still pushing you a little bit past your limit so you are always improving. I worked with him for 5 months and saw a a lot of improvement in my strength level. Thanks Nate!