Training | what makes us different?

Good Time Fitness is all about progress. If you’re getting stronger in the gym then you’re also burning fat and gaining lean muscle! This is why all of our clients have a personal folder made for them that contain the repetitions, resistance, and duration of each workout. This way we can make sure everyone is making progress!

We believe in training not exercising! Training is putting the body under a progressive overload every session and progressing off of what was done last session. Training is the process of where you are now to where you want to be for the purpose of meeting a specific goal.

We also implement many of the concepts used in Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training 3rd ed. and Practical Programming for Strength Training 3rd ed. by Mark Rippetoe.


We offer a Getting Started Package which includes 4 personal training sessions. We will create an exercise routine for your specific goals and show you how to properly perform the exercises. Each session will be tailored for your current physical activity level and your specific goals!

Our Getting Started Package is designed for people who want to:
► Lose weight and tone up
► Gain lean muscle tissue
► Increase strength and endurance

Getting Started Package
► 4 Personal Training Sessions 1-on-1 $199
► 4 Personal Training Sessions 2+ $179 per person

training | what to expect?

We teach compound movement exercises. A compound movement uses more than one joint. An example is the bench press or a squat. Both these exercises use more than one joint. Bench press: elbows and shoulders. Squat: hips and knees. We choose these exercises because they’ll utilize more musculature than a single joint exercise which will get you results faster.

training | machines or free weights?


We are also a big fan of free weights and will rarely use machines. This is because it requires more core engagement. Most free weight exercises involve the whole kinetic chain (entire body) which will get you more bang for your buck. Free weights are also practical to real life. Someone who trains with free weights is less likely to hurt their back while picking up a heavy box in the garage.




Good Time Fitness Owner


To help people find a passion for fitness and achieve their fitness goals whether if it’s weight loss, gaining lean muscle tissue, or just improving their overall fitness level.


Up until high school I was the smaller, skinny guy who got pushed around by bullies. I started my fitness journey at 17 with the goal of gaining some weight in muscle.  After a few years of training I went from my starting weight of 120 lbs up to 180 lbs and I noticed people treated me with more respect.  I gained confidence as well as a new physique that gave me more presence when I entered a room and I haven’t looked back since.  

The gym has become my second home.  I love training, and decided I wanted to help other people reach their health and fitness goals using my strength training methods.  I went to college for my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science knowing that I wanted to start my own personal training company.  

Once I started Good Time Fitness, I’ve trained men and women ranging from ages 13 to 70 and also helped some recuperate from injuries.  Educating my clients on strength training and breaking stereotypes about it being a dangerous way to work out is one of the best things about my job.  I love helping my clients get started on their fitness journey, getting them comfortable in the gym and seeing their success with every session!  


Good Time Fitness trainers have a wide breadth and depth of knowledge with degrees in Nutrition and Exercise Science. Our trainers focus on each individual’s fitness plan based on their personal goals, fitness level and abilities. At Good Time Fitness we believe that personal progress is important, which is why we teach each client to track the resistance, repetitions, and duration of every session.

We are always open to feedback and want to help you progress at a rate that is appropriate for you.  If you have a prior injury that makes any of our training methods uncomfortable, let us know and we can modify it, tailoring sessions to your needs. Contact us today to get started with one of our skilled trainers!


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so great about weight training for overall fitness?

I thought that was for bodybuilders who want huge muscles? I want to be lean and toned, not muscular and bulky! Weight training increases your overall fitness level because when your muscles become stronger, all your daily activities become easier! It’s a myth that women (or men) will become bulky from weight training alone, one would need to eat an overload of calories, take supplements, and more to achieve that result. Once you’ve shed a lot of fat weight, your muscles will show through, giving you that lean and toned look

My main goal is to lose fat, not gain muscle, shouldn’t I be doing more cardio instead of weight training?

Weight training is actually more beneficial in the long run than cardio, it takes less time and burns more calories! With weight training, your muscles become stronger (not bigger) and will burn more fat when you’re not exercising (increases your metabolic rate).

I have no prior gym experience, and overall pretty out of shape. The thought of barbell training and lifting weights is very intimidating… Can you modify your program to fit my comfort level?

Yes, we meet every client at their current fitness level and can modify the program to accommodate any prior injuries. If you’re new to barbell training, we keep the weights very light so you’re able to learn the correct form.

Who do you train?

Pretty much everyone! If you’re under the age of 18, you’ll need parental permission, however our youngest client is 13, and our oldest is 70 years old. While our clients come from all sorts of backgrounds, they have common fitness goals of fat loss, gaining lean muscle, and increasing overall strength.

Do you offer nutrition services?

Yes, we have certified nutritionists on our team who provide 1-on-1 nutrition sessions. They can also create nutrition programs that are tailored to the foods you enjoy!